The Breaker’s Commission by For Today
Stripping demons right off my back trying to leech life off me.
Get off me and feel my Father’s fury, Oppressor!
One day you’ll feel the full blast of His vengeance, Beelzebub, but for now
I’ll love.
Cause I got strength.
He blew courage in my backbone.
Now I’ll stand straight and militant lining up in Jehovah’s battalion,
knowing you can’t challenge him so we march forward.
Swift as eagles, set like talons ready to grip souls from your grasp,
slick snake in the grass, my Lord sees you and vengeance is his.
But for now I retaliate,
propelled by a holy mandate to heal ‘cause I know how bad it hurts.
Full of madness at first but now
gladness bursts out the seams of our beings ‘cause we overflow with the oil of joy
the ointment of the anointed
mending any torn soul
healing any broken bone
He is here.
He was there.
He is peace.
He is faithful.

I don’t talk often about my faith. I do not proclaim it loudly, or shove it down peoples throats. If you ask me, I will proudly confess to being Christian, but unless you enquire, that’s where it ends. For me, my faith is deeply personal. To understand where it comes from and why I am is to know the very core of me. Which is why not many people know me as well as they think. The above song speaks to me, and if you get an opportunity, I would suggest listening to it. For those of you that are non-Christians, here is your out. You do not need to read any further.

To stand back in awe of what was accomplished on the Cross is to fully realise what being a Christian is. Once the realization of that hits you, its a ton of bricks. I am not going to lie to you, when I was fully able to comprehend what it meant, means and promises, I cried. I wept. Its not something I am ashamed of, nor proud of. Its a fact. The Creator descended into the pits of suffering in order to ensure that I wont have to. Hanging from that tree, and showing that battle is won with sacrifice. Its far to powerful for any words to do it justice. And I am no word smith.

I know He is here. I know He was there. I know He is peace. I know He is faithful. And to know how I know this, that is to know me.

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Evan Russell · July 15, 2012 at 10:46 am

So much has been done in the name of God . . . even more so for Christianity to have a bloody reputation. For man to use the name of God in the glory of battle and for the pursuit of riches and fame, they do not know God. To use a name of God in vain is a damnable offence, I think. Though I think of what little things has been laid to claim in the name of God . . . for man is weak and foolish.

Pollynator · January 26, 2012 at 9:23 am

I too don't loudly speak about my religious views.

“To stand back in awe of what was accomplished on the Cross is to fully realise what being a Christian is.”
Not to spark an argument but a number of Atrocities were also committed under the same faith.

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