Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of blogging that is happening. While I have gotten really busy, and I realise that is no excuse, I am simply not finding enough time to flesh out my ideas. But the main reason I have slowed to a stop is due to the compliments I have gotten on this blog from some very close friends. You see, I have developed a silly case of stage fright. Sure, I put my thoughts on the big wide web for any and all to read, but I don’t expect anyone bar myself to actually enjoy what I write. So in being unable to process these compliments, I have a fear of putting anything on here. Silly I know, but I never claimed to be anything else.

Which of course brings us to this topic for this evening. Directions.

In life we are told to have a career and climb the corporate ladder and bend to the will of society like good little people. Since coming here, I have that idea firmly removed from my head. There is no box for me to fit in, there is no wrong life choices (well of course there are, but got with it in context). So to this endeavour, I have decided to try change some direction.

People compliment my writing. I enjoy writing. So lets write something which I expect people to read and enjoy. That is a new thinking pattern for me. So in part, I have not blogged as I am trying my hand at a short story. I realise you probably don’t care. But this being my blog and all…

So I have about a page of this story, and I think its coming along really well. I have sent it to a few proof readers and the biggest criticism was my spelling, so I will accept that as nothing else to criticise. Apart from that, I am really enjoying writing it. Its not often a person will discover something they are semi good at and enjoy doing.

My minor change in direction could be nothing, or it could be big. Who knows. I am prepared to see where this takes me. And of course, should i turn out to be the next Steven King, I will be able to point to this blog post, where I talk about myself as an already accomplished writer, and say “I knew it”.

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Evan Russell · July 29, 2012 at 2:44 am

U nvr know unless you try. Trying is the first step. What I have read of your story had fascinates me and I want to read more. Look at it this way… u have talent. On the other hand, you could b writing the garbage that Stephanie Meyers wrote. Lol

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