This past weekend, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park took his own life. I am sure you have heard.
Now this may seem silly, because I have never met the man, nor even seen them live. But this past weekend, it felt like I’d lost a friend. My teenage angst, me figuring me out, my first ever crush on a girl, learning how to be an adult, making stupid teenage mistakes – Linkin Park was the sound track to all that. My time in the UK, when I was missing home, even though I didn’t want it to be, Linkin Park was the soundtrack. Going to my best friends house to spend Saturday nights playing PlayStation, watching anime on SciFi, Linkin Park was the soundtrack.
I didn’t expect to take it this hard, to be honest. But to see someone who, at some points, felt as if he was speaking directly to you, take his own life.
After seeing him surrounded by fans,
their hands held high,
the outpouring of love,
and know that he was not happy,
not doing ok.
Something about that

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