Hello again, dear reader. I realize that my postings have slowed down to a crawl, as pointed out by a fair number of people. I do intend to rectify this. Maybe if I got more comments… Just kidding. But seriously.

I don’t know what type of man I am, but I don’t like to think I am proud. I often joke that I am amazing, simply for the fact that I am clearly not. Well not in my mind. So I’m going to allow myself to be proud just this once really, about a myriad of things.

Firstly, being 26 (still), I am living by myself in a new country, thousands of miles away from my family. Yes, I know I chose to do this. Yes, I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to it. But that fact remains. I am living alone. Doing a job. Looking after my own budget. And all on my own. With non of the traditional support structures offered to other people. My family is 10 hours away. Simple fact. In this regard, I have managed to look after myself pretty well, from forming really close friends to having the single best girlfriend in the world. I think I have done pretty darn well for myself, and I think it’s a measure to be proud of.

One thing I think it affords me is an ounce of compassion.

So before you give me a hard time, put yourself in my shoes. It’s not to much to ask, now is it?

PS: Yes, I realize this post has missed out a bit. I intend to sort that out. It’s currently one am. I need to sleep.

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