Hello dear reader, and welcome back.
In going along of my series of listening to people when they talk and not talking about yourself endlessly, today we come to communication. Good communication, bad communication, we are beings who have build our entire society on communication and being understood.
Now when someone communicates badly and does it on purpose, whos at fault? Surely the person is not wanting to be understood, or is just wanting to be obtuse about things. So why do we put up with it? Why do we make an effort? Clearly this person has no desire to communicate. Its mostly because we are typically decent human beings. We want to communicate, to share and to bond. Someone communicating in a round about way for the sake of it, does not.
When communication is good, then we reach social nirvana – conversations flow, needs are met, people feel heard, and bonding happens. Think of those times you have spent laughing with friends – it was good communication that brought you together.
In business, people want everything written down. Why is this? To be difficult? To protect themselves from the overarching and temperamental boss? Most of the time its to ensure the lines of communication are open, which leads to a more productive and friendly environment. Instructions that are clearly communicated get followed more often, and will be followed well.
I realise this is a bit of a out of nowhere, wishy-washy post, about nothing much. It just grinds my gears when people refuse to communicate in a proper manner to sow confusion or to even have “power” in the conversation. Go play your games else where, because I, for one, have stopped listening.

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