Yes, you read that right. Change is in the air! Or on the internet? Well, it is on my site at least.
Its time to change things up, and make room for a few more projects coming down the pipeline. As much as I like this theme, it needs to be updated to the new modern. And as for the new projects, well apart from writing (which has been taken over during this Blog-A-Day challenge), we will wait and see. Not to get your hopes up, and to keep everyone calm while avoiding hyperbole, all I can say is that it has the potential to change your life and cure world hunger and send humans to Mars. Ok, so maybe I might be hyping it up a little too much… But watch this space!
So please bare with me as things go through a few changes. Keep coming back. Keep commenting. And keep telling all your friends about how awesome this site is and how much its improved you as a person.

PS: Unathi, you can comment on this post and I promise not to mark it as spam 🙂

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