Change does not come over night. It does not happen one morning when you wake up. It is a slow process that must first occur within each one of us. We need to wake up to the fact that we need to inspire, seek, and perpetuate change within our our own daily lives.
How will we do it? What will it look like? These are things I don’t know the answer to, all I know is that it starts with you and I. What first needs to happen is we need to accept the facts, stop the noise and instead take responsibility for our own actions. We support companies involved in slave labour, who pollute our earth, and are openly hostile towards human rights. Some companies even go so far as to dictate what a woman can do with her own body.
In todays hyper-connected world, we have a million machines all yelling at us about how much energy they use. Our cars tell us how far they go on a tank of gas. Our gaming systems have a power meter just about built into the software. And yet, we eat electricity like its going out of fashion. I, myself am guilty of this. And only through realising my faults can I rectify them. Electricity is still given to many of us through burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels that will soon run out. Our cars move via mini explosions. And every day more States are banning the sale of electric vehicles. It seems sometimes we are going backwards. The sun gives us endless energy, and yet we make the technology to harness it stupidly expensive. Shouldn’t the houses in the poorest areas be mandated to have solar panels? Shouldn’t solar energy be made law by now? One would suggest that our politicians are getting paid by the oil companies… I’ll give you a hint – they do.
In the midst of this, it feels overwhelming. I am but one person, what can I do. You, dear reader, can inspire all those around you. They can inspire those around them. And soon we have a wave of change. We can make a difference. And like a stone thrown into a lake, ripples will eventually reach the shore. We can call our power companies and move onto a renewable energy source. We can get solar panels installed. We can make synthetic materials so we never need to cut down another tree again. Its all possible.
We just have to take the risk.
*Note: The above screen shot if from the video linked to in my previous piece. While not relevant to this section, that statistic saddens me greatly.

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