I started this blog on the simplest idea that maybe I could open peoples mind to changing the world, that maybe my lone voice in the darkness would shed some light.  An expected outcome was that mostly it would allow me to change and grow, and at least change my world. The problem was that I lost sight of the bigger picture – I forgot what my motivation was for starting my babbling. Today I hope to get back to my original idea. The idea that we all need to work together to make our world a better place. Its up to all of us to put aside our silly egos, our greed, and focus on the sense of community.

Today, at this very moment, we are having an adverse effect on the planet. You can deny it all you want – the facts speak for themselves. The world is getting warmer, the polar ice is melting and us humans are to blame. This is scientific fact. If you’re like me, you end up shrugging and saying “What can I do? I am just one person.” This is where I find myself now. So why don’t we aim big? *For those that are not aware / don’t know about climate change, there will be links at the bottom of this post.*

We have all seen those pictures of cities for the future. All green and white, mostly circular, and all very logically simple. In fact here’s one now:Futurearchitecturetechnologyandmoder

The question I have, is why cant we have this layout now? Why cant all our cities be laid out in a way that is both functional and logical and remains carbon neutral? What is stopping us, as a species, as a community, and as people from turning our world into a utopia? We have the technology after all. We can build it, we can make it work.

The answer is greed. And this notion that corporate oversight is always right, or better, than anything else. The idea that competition keeps everything fair. Well I want to challenge that notion. Competition (in the corporate sense) leads people to take advantage of others, to try and get as much out as possible on the smallest investment. Companies that come up with alternatives to the current status quo are quickly bought and squashed. The governments of the world are too busy arguing over simple things such as health care.

Lets stop a moment and let that sink in. The worlds most powerful government can not agree on the idea of making sure every human being they are tasked with “looking after” deserves health care. Health care. The care of health…

This is a symptom, one of many, of a cultural disease.

p00s19zwWhat we need to do as people is work together to make this our outcome. A city as green as it is white. Where electronic vehicles do all the transport. Yes, it involves people giving up their cars. But lets replace their car with a button. Push the button and a self driving electric car picks you up and drops you off. We as people need to get off this notion of owning a car. These are tools, and as such, they should be serving the community. We aren’t going to change over night, but without dreaming big, we wont even start off small.

Lets dream big for every big dream was started small, as a garage product, and an idea. Working together, we can make this our reality.

Note: This is chapter one, so its not too in-depth. I hope to continue this with expanding on each idea.

Note Note: the font has been changed to Segoe UI because I like it. And change is good. And this is all about change.


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