As I sit here, blasting my ears with the delicious sounds of Eluveitie, I had the inspiration to write. And you, dear reader, sitting where ever you are in the world, have been struck with the inspiration to read it. Aren’t we all so lucky?

This particular song, funnily enough entitled Calling The Rain, not only happens to be a personal favourite from these amazing artists, use some really big words and be an epic piece of music, but also happens to be rather insightful. You see, dear reader, its all about life and death. And it got me thinking.

Many people plan their lives. In fact everyone I know has at least an overall broad plan to their journey. Often things, such as breaking ones arm, tend to get in the way. We are told this is life. We are to breathe it in, with all its beauty and all its proverbial, or in my case – very real, pain.

These plans strike me very much as calling the rain. The rain, you see, shall come when it wants to. Not a moment too soon. Nothing we can do can really bring the rain, or the sun. Unless of course you drive a car and contribute towards turning your world into a very warm tropical jungle. And that just Antarctica for you. We have about as much control of our lives as we do the weather.

Oh, I am not saying we should eat all the cake and run around on the beach all day. No, thats ludicrous. We all know, well I hope we do, to save some cake for tomorrow. But what keeps it all together is the fact that we like to think we are in control. Its what keeps us sane.

So the next time you think you are in full control, step back and try calling the rain. When you can’t do that, go back inside before your neighbours call the police. Breathe. Plan. And trust that it all goes well. Just don’t worry too much when it doesn’t. Worrying causes wrinkles. And no one like wrinkles.

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