Oh dear reader, only a few more parts await! The hardware gods have been abundant recently, showering me with gift upon gift, in exchange for the fiery currency in my pantaloons of course. Even now as we speak, there waits for me a package at the local courier outlet in which some shiny sticks of RAM await. And from the land over the seas, there comes to me a box of power. Even now I can hear it calling my name!

“Kyle” it whispers “Kyle, I cometh. And your beastly computer shall be powered by me.” Yes. Yes it does.

The other parts are all huddled together. Still in their boxes of safety. Awaiting a time when they will be joined as one! That day swiftly approaches. And I am overrr….. AAAAAHHHH A FLY JUST FLEW INTO MY EAR

Ahem. As I was saying. Over the moon shall I be! To be running a machine in which no budget has touched. The games will flow like melted butter on a stack of pancakes. The Windows 10 shall hum as if hummed by angelic voices. The speakers shall blast forth with all the notes, both high and low. All that is missing is the keys in which to board with. For you see, a man such as I with impeccable taste, longs for the board of keys which does not exist yet. No one has been brave enough to craft mechanical keys onto a true wireless board with the likes of those possessing teeth of blue! Alas, the search for the mythical beast continues…

And yet another missing puzzle piece, the phones on head. Sure, let the lute and harp play through the speakers, but what of those quiet nights? What of them, hmm? I’ll tell you what! They shall not be quiet if I do not possess these so called headphones. They must also be without wire. Wires are the devils work. Be gone wires, and take your ill will with you!

So dear reader, or readers. Or recently, spam bots. What have you to say? Can you give me these keys of board and phones of head with nary a wire?

In fact, what be you using right now, and can I try them on?

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Rebekah · May 24, 2017 at 3:51 pm

The keys of board that exist in my possession be touched by budget through and through and, alas, firmly wired.
The phones of head are another matter. The have blue teeth and even a means to enter parlance with those who have forgone blue teeth by way of the dock, of the usb variety.
But still, I’m not sure that I’d recommend it, on account of some shortcomings.

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