Winning Wednesday is upon us again, and this time brings with some really good news. Well good news if you’re an adult, which apparently I am. And if you happen to be an adult too, then you’ll also be excited, or at least happy, with this news. In fact, this might be one of, if not, the most ‘adult’ things to celebrate…

Hmm… I almost don’t want to write it now.

But we’ve come this far!

OK, you’ve convinced me to continue.

Today, as I spoke to our home loan adviser (which is a total misdemeanor, as I doubt she is solely advising us) about re-fixing our home loan for the next two years, I noticed something. Our mortgage is now under $240k! Which means we’ve paid off about $30k in the past 3 years. Thats not too shabby considering that over half of each payment goes to interest… Something, something sneaky banks *shakes fist*.

And seeing as now that we have re-fixed, our interest rate is even lower than it has ever been, which means even more money goes towards paying back the house every fortnight! Meaning – our lovely home is paid off sooner and less money is paid to interest. Try squeeze money from me now, Sneaky Banks!

In my mind, this is saving money by spending money. Apparently its only a thing when it comes to houses. Who knew!

And that, dear reader, is our winning story for this week. Our house value has increased, our mortgage interest rate has fallen (now sitting on 3.85%), and we’ll be mortgage free even sooner than we planned! The whole FIRE strategy is coming together quite nicely. Even if I had almost nothing to do with this part in particular.

As I said, if you’re an adult, you’ll be excited. And we choose to be excited and celebrate these small milestones because life is too short to not celebrate!