The first computer I ever saw was an Apple Mac. The first computer I ever used was that same Apple Mac. I do not remember the model or the configuration. But I do remember that vivid multi-coloured apple picture with the bite out of it. I remember how I, having never used a computer, was able to sit down and use it. And guess what. It just worked. I remember playing on the Mac, forsaking my ritual of Saturday morning cartoons, and figuring out every little bit of it. With in a few hours I had gone from being computer oblivious, to showing my dad how certain things worked. He told me that this machine I was using would one day replace people for work. Just a few short years later, my father would be replaced by a computer.

Fast forward 20 odd years. I find myself carving my career path in the world of I.T. Who knew that those few hours one Saturday morning would have such an impact on my life. I could say many things lead me into the world of Information Technology, but I can say with certainty that the catalyst was that Apple computer. The little Apple Mac sitting on the dinning room table in my dad’s flat.

Today Apple is the worlds most valued company and it could not have gotten that way without Steve Jobs. His vision that magic is possible with the use of technology has impacted many lives, mine included. He thought technology is a means to an end and not an end in its self. With that type of thinking, we have the amazing iPhone, the incredible iPad, the biggest music store in the world – iTunes, and the worlds most advanced operating system – Mac OS Lion.

Steve, you have many friends whom you have never met, but through your vision, improved their lives in every single area. You thought different. You showed us that with everything in life, it should just work. You were a true visionary, one of the greatest men of our times. No words can express the impact you have had on my life, and I don’t think I can do them any justice should I have them.

Rest in peace Mr Jobs.

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