NOW is an ISP that is based in Napier. Apart from the fantastic support and friendly service, they have always been an ISP I recomend to others. Recently, I was made aware of the fact that I can unofficially place an order for fibre and so I had to make sure I was in front of the queue. I ended up sending it to Tech Support as thats the only email I have for them.


Not too sure if this is the right place to email, but it’s the one I have saved, so you’re getting it.

A couple months ago, Chorus were laying down fibre outside my place, and this got me very excited. Recently I have gone for a wonder around the neighborhood and (to my untrained eyes), it looks like Chorus is all done. Horray! And the junk mail from all the other ISP’s have been pouring in telling me to get ready for fibre. Well, my body is ready.

To cut a long story short, even though the official invitation to get fibre installed has not been sent out yet, I want to make sure you guys are ready. And maybe put me in the front of the queue? As a favor for being one of your best customers and unofficial cheerleader, maybe.

I understand that this might be going to the wrong place, or confusing. In that case, just talk to Dan. He knows me and my thirst for fibre.

Have a great day, you awesome people you!

Extremely promptly, NOW responded to my email in the profressional, courteous and upbeat manner that I have come to expect. I wont post it here because its basically “You are front of the queue. Yes, we do love you too. Here are our speeds and possible future speeds you may want to look at.”

So I had to reply…

Hi Dan (It was Dan who found my email and decided to hit the reply button)

You truly are a wizard!

Is there someone I can yell at about how great you are? Or will Twitter suffice?

In a rare turn of events, I think the 200/100 plan will be the one I start off with. No use jumping straight to light speed because then there is nothing to upgrade to. I expect by the end of the year, I’ll be on the Xtreme plan, but since I am adult, I have to at least pretend to be financially responsible, and “I am sure the 200/100 plan is fast enough.”

But! In a turn of good news, I will not be needing a modem as I have a house full of Unifi gear that is eagerly awaiting the connection to fibre.

Yet again, you inspire me to be a better person.

Thanks Dan!

PS: You really should don a cape when you reply to these emails.

And so ends our tale. NOW (and Dan) have been amazing. And I will constantly recommend them to others. I eagerly await my fibre install which is roughly a month away and then I shall take to Mixer and game streaming and become the Paris Hilton of the Internet.

An update appears. Today marks the day on which the only date I have been given, falls. So yet again, into the trenches of email we go…

We meet again, NOW Techspert.

You know what it is I seek, for today was the date that the Chorus magicians should have finished their work. Little do they know their work is just beginning. *Maniacal laugh*

The want for fibre matches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants. The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!

What I am trying to say is…
Is there an updated date, or any news about this? I might be just a little excited…

Thank you guys for entertaining me. You’re the best.

I have fibre! And its fast!

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