Hello dear reader and welcome to 2016. This is the year things happen. Oh, yes it is.

And in fact, this year has gotten off to a cracking start – at least for me. I have gotten married, travelled to Fiji for my honeymoon and am now looking for a house to buy.

Let me tell you, buying a house is not like buying steak. AT ALL! You walk into a shop, pick up the steak, think “This would go wonderfully with some mushroom sauce”, walk to the till, pay for your meat, get to the car and remember you forgot the mushroom sauce…

Now buying a house! Well… You go to a bunch of open homes where the estate agent is pretending to care about your life. You look around. You see the potential. You think “I can put the BBQ over there, and the TV and Xbox over there”. All the while the estate agent is, very carefully, not telling you the price of the house. You see, this house is on tender, a sort of pay what you think is right, but not really, because you have to tell me how much you want to pay, then I go away and laugh and tell the home owners that its not enough. Then you go home and think about what you have done.

Should you be so lucky as to decide you want said house, you need to get a lawyer to look over something, builders to come in and tell you if the house will fall over in the next 50 years, the council to come in and say when you can and can not wash your dog… And all the while in the background is the bank which still has to decide if they are going to cohabit your debt with their money. At no point do you ever say “Take my money” and get a house. Unless of course you are rich.

See, exciting. I told you. I didn’t lie.

Tomorrow we continue to look for a house which will make this effort worth it. Of course, I just want a house I can build network cables into the walls and build THE MOST IMPRESSIVE COMPUTER ROOM KNOWN TO MAN! (Thats copyrighted by the way). And of course to give my gorgeous wife a place to call home.

A place where pants are optional and LEDs are in everything!

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Lizelle Levengood · January 18, 2017 at 9:39 pm

I know right! It’s a bit like being in the hunger games. You know there have been people who went through this before you, but no one really knows whats going on and you’re just supposed to know things that you don’t even know you don’t know. Some day we might be able to buy. But for now, renting seems to be our future.

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