“I can’t believe the world is 2018 years old”
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That’s right, dear reader, its 2018. And that means new and exciting things. Doing things with stuff and stuff with things. We have all had (or about have had) our mandatory break, where we eat too much and think about life, and then are expected to THINK ABOUT LIFE EVEN MORE. Out of all this pressure comes a few resolutions. That’s why gym is always packed for the first 2 weeks of a new year. But I digress.
Last year was supposed to be my break year. A year to focus on me and not add to my stress. In between taking it easy, I somehow managed to have a few Windows Insider meetups, meet more people from Microsoft, become an MVP, start a (semi-successful) podcast, and attempt to write a novel with my significant other amongst other things.
Hmm… Somehow I don’t think I am able to keep still for long.
This year so far (being a whole 5 days in), I have managed to be awarded my second year of Windows Insider MVP. I am honoured, proud, humbled and super excited by this. But my plans don’t stop there! I have a few things I would like you to join me with right here on this very blog.
I am going to get around to a proper redesign of this site. And even learn some WordPress on the way. Because I think things can be perfect, so why not try with something I can control end-to-end?
I am going to bring back my Improving Windows series. Digging deep into the OS and looking for ways to improve each aspect will make me a better Windows Insider, help me with understanding other people’s problems and frustrations and because, since I have a voice, I may as well use it. We’ll see how technical these get…
I am going to start a Kyle’s Monthly Album Review. Its not always going to be the latest album. Just the one I am putting on repeat that month. Don’t expect a giant band discography, but more like a recommendation. A “hey guys, check out these guys, this is why I like them” type thing. I am a metal head, so don’t complain when I recommend Iron Maiden or Eluveitie for 6 months in a row. If this interests you, or you want to recommend me something, give me a shout out on Twitter.
I am going to try blog more. I think you like hearing my thoughts, since I haven’t heard anything to the contrary. Who knows what thing will be about, but hey, at least it will be fun! Well for me. And maybe you.
And of course, I’ll still be doing The Xboxcast podcast, and a few other things that I haven’t yet decided on.
So that’s only a sliver of what is going on through my head. Now my tea cup is empty so I need to tend to that.


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Krzysztof W√≥jcik · January 5, 2018 at 10:30 pm

All the best in the new year Kyle!

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